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Democracies In Crisis

             According to the assignment given some believe that there is a general decline in industrial democracies all over the world. Problems that are non-reversible are allegedly spreading through-out industrialized democratic powers. On the contrary some also say that these same democracies are flexible enough to endure the so-called overwhelming problems that are currently facing them. When first given this assignment my indifference to the topic was obvious, but some research lead to a quite different prospective on the countries chosen, Germany and Spain, as well as all industrialized democratic powers of the world. .
             When studying Germany it is not difficult to find information pertaining to the past and Germany's struggles to attain the level that the nation currently possesses. Germany is interesting to study because of the relatively late development of the Nation State known today. German government, as it is, is quite different from the past approaches taken to running the country. Of these past attempts the most notable was the Third Reich dictated by Hitler, which saw Germany become a world menace. The National Socialist party took control over German politics in 1933; Adolph Hitler, a Nazi, was named as Chancellor and immediately focused his attention and action upon total world domination for the Germans. This reign ended, after a massive world wide battle, in 1945. (WBE 8) .
             Then the task of establishing a government within Germany that would prove more favorable to the country itself and the rest of the industrialized world became priority number one for the allied forces which had put an end to the Nazi rule. "It has been suggested that the Third Reich reflected a cultural context that permitted and even facilitated its emergence. A number of themes have been identified in Germany's culture that would make the Nazi ideology appealing across a broad spectrum. Clearly, the long-term legitimacy of a democratic political format, like the one adopted by the Bonn republic in the post-war era, requires modification of such cultural attributes in favor of cultural values more supportive of democratic values.

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