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            Although the desire for freedom may be inborn, knowledge of how democracy functions must be taught and learned. Any society that wishes to remain free needs to ensure that its citizens are well educated in the theory and practice of democracy. The responsibility for such education lies with the schools. Schooling is not the only educational influence in a free society. Informal sources such as courses and workshops for adults, programs on television and radio, articles in newspapers and magazines, activities organized by community groups can also help citizens of all ages learn about democracy.
             Gaining a true understanding of how democracy works, and about how we must organize ourselves in order to preserve liberty and ensure equality under the law, requires motivation to learn. The idea of citizenship in a democratic republic is a serious concept. The only way to bring to life the ideas about civics and American history and the ideas about citizenship is through learning. Democracy does not teach itself. If the strengths, benefits, and responsibilities of democracy are not made clear to the citizens, they will be unprepared to defend it. Therefore, education for democracy must be approached in a serious manner.
             Higher education has an important role to play in securing a strong American democracy. Democracy needs to be reborn in each generation as years goes by. The challenge of bringing new life to American democracy may be the most important issue facing the nation today. I believe that higher education prepares students to be active citizens and to participate in our democracy. When the students have the knowledge of history, geography, government they have abilities to perform as active members of a community. When students are aware of the issues facing them in elections, they become knowledgeable and can act in that manner to better their society. .
             General education should also prepare students for citizenship.

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