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Japanese and American management system

             Differences between Japanese and American workers characteristics and traditional management policies towards workers 4.
             1.1. Workers Characteristics 4.
             1.2. Management policies to workers 5.
             2. Reasons of differences 7.
             2.1. Geographical and natural conditions 7.
             2.2. History and culture 7.
             2.3. Education system 8.
             CONCLUSION 9.
             BIBLIOGRAPHY 10.
             During the last century the conception of a successful management system had significantly changed along with time. Among a large number of management systems introduced worldwide at that time, Japanese and American management systems, in general, emerged as the two most successful ones in the 20th century. .
             Japanese management system achieved huge success and was widely recognized during 1970-1990 when industrial age reached its peak. Not only American companies but also most other companies around the world had analyzed and tried to imitate the Japanese management system. However, until the last decade of the 20th century, the Japanese economy was in recession and many Japanese companies lost their competitiveness. Although Japan ranked number 1 in world competitiveness during the 80's, it has been steadily declined since the early 90's. .
             With the new age of information in which information, velocity and innovation plays an important role for growth, the Americans appear to have more advantages than the Japanese. Moreover, many American companies have successfully adopted the Japanese management system into their corporation in some ways to become more competitive. .
             Much research has been made to analyze differences between the two management systems. Although it is not an easy job to find out the most optimal management system, it is widely agreed that purely traditional management system of Japan or America itself is no longer well-suited for the new age. .
             This essay does not imply to introduce an idea of the best model of a management system, but points out some typical differences between Japanese and American traditional management systems.

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