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Segway - Global Marketing

             This paper is the third in a series of paper that will culminate in week 4 of our class with a plan to market our group's product, the Segway Scooter, in Japan. In this weeks paper our group will address important issues like human resources management, possible legal and ethical problems that we might encounter, supply chain management, information technology, research and development and cultural development. .
             Segway will begin our global strategy by exporting our products to Japan. The company will set up distribution centers in Japan and staff the operations with management personnel from the United States. In order to ensure successful integration, the company will also hire Human Resource Management and Marketing Specialist from Japan. Segway believes that hiring Japanese staff for Human Resources and Marketing would be in the best interest of the company. The Japanese have legendary culture for their loyalty to employers. Among the implementation plan, is the study of the culture and how it interrelates to the economic success of the company. By hiring from the local culture, there is a two-fold benefit, first, the cultural communication and secondly, the loyalty of staff from inception of the operation. It is believed this would create a strong foundation for the company's operation abroad.
             In order for the company to address legal and ethical issues we will have a Japanese law firm on retainer. It is believed the fees for such a retainer would be more cost effective when hiring local firm as opposed to education and transportation cost for a firm from United States. Some of the anticipated issues fro the company include patents and vendor contracts. Because of.
             BOR 2.
             the variety of laws surrounding the importing of certain materials are so complicated. For example to find out whether the product being imported conflicts with the law, you need to inquire at the Customs Office, the Patent Office, or the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Commissioner's Secretariat, Copyright Division.

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