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High School Drop Outs

             First of all I would like to present myself. My name is Faheem Ahmad and my paper is over High School dropouts. Now, I know this is a big topic to cover so I am going to narrow my paper down a lot in my opinion, and some on facts referring to my research. .
             Why do students drop out of high school before graduating? This is a very tough question; my research has shown me many different reasons for dropping out and many different reports and definitions of dropouts.
             The reports on high school drop out rates vary widely, with different states and schools. The U.S Department of Education's Department of Education Statistics (NCES) reports two types of drop out rates. The rates reflect the percent of students that drop out in a single year without completing high school, and the rates change by the percent of population in a given age group range who have not finished high school or who have not enrolled at the time. In 1998 the State Board of Education changed the definition of dropping out, adding students that leave high school to go and get their GED as dropouts. A total of 25,578 students dropped out of Oklahoma City Public High Schools last year (Thomas Jenolan). Which is no surprise because of the new change.
             The 25,578 students all had different reasons for dropping out of high school but I tried to narrow it down to six reasons:.
             Economic Factors.
             Behavioral Problems.
             Emotionally Trouble or Resentful of Authority.
             Academic Reasons.
             Thinks School is Irrelevant to their Lives.
             Pregnancy Reasons.
             I ask these question to 12 teachers from Douglass High School and the number one reason that the teachers thought for dropping out was that students think school is Irrelevant to their lives. I think that out of all these reasons given, the students do not want to have responsibilities and don't think about there future.
             The gap between dropouts and more educated people is widening as opportunities increase for high skill workers and all but disappear for the less skilled workers (Malcom X).

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