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Should students have the right to drop out of school?

            Should Students Have The Right To Drop Out Of School?.
             For Years now American law states that when students reach the age of sixteen years they may drop out of school if they please. Thousands of students a year execute this right and make the choice of discontinuing Their education. This leaves these students at a major disadvantage at only the ninth or tenth grade level. This level of education is not usually sufficient to get these students even mediocre employment in the future. There are some exceptions far and in between, of people who actually become successful in some other way. [Most of the time this does not occur, statistics from the Board of Education show that high school dropouts make 42% less money in the workplace than do graduates]. This is if they even get a job. Because 50% of dropouts are unemployed. The youth of America should not be able to drop out of school when they please, they should rather be made to continue their education until they graduate. This leaves these students more competent and mature enough to be able to carry the responsibilities of adulthood.
             Children raised in America are taught at a very young age of how education is important, either through television programs or just parents, and relatives. Yet more than 1300 students drop out of school everyday. All statistics in this paper are provided by the Board of Education. They are encouraged to do well and praised for their accomplishments. Often kids are reminded that they are the future of this country. The irony in this situation is that after all the effort put into kids when they are young, they are given the choice to leave their education incomplete at the very young, and naive age of sixteen. Though sixteen and eighteen are only two years apart in numbers they are centuries apart when it comes to youths mentality. Why is it that the law feels okay with allowing a sixteen year old to drop out of school, but he/she is still not responsible for his/her actions? Parents are still responsible for them.

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