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Causes and Effects of Dropping a Course

            There are many reasons a freshman may drop out of one or more or their courses in the first semester of college. Ranging from poor grades to just having lost interest in the course, there are plenty of causes to dropping a class, even though it might not be the best option. Coming into a new city, trying to make new friends, and still make good grades is the everyday struggle of a freshmen college student. All of this hassle can not only lead to stress but also lead to academic struggles throughout the student's first semester. Many distractions such as these can cause a person to lose sight on what is really important in college: grades. .
             Whether its partying or just plain laziness, sending an 18-year-old out on their own for the first time can expose many flaws of a modern-day teenager. Not being supervised is something new to us college freshmen and can lead to plummeting grades and eventually lead to dropping courses. Not only may it be laziness, but it may be the fact that the student has work responsibilities. According to M. Buechner, 32% of students drop a course as a result of a conflict with their work. Especially for incoming freshmen, picking the correct schedule can be quite the hassle considering the lack of knowledge of the courses or even just not knowing which professors are right for them. This can lead to frustration and stress throughout the semester of having a tough or boring class. As a result of this, many students may choose to drop that course so they have less to deal with. However, dropping the course may eventually lead to even more stress in the long run.
             There are many problems caused by dropping a course as a freshman that may be overlooked at first glance. Dropping a course in your first semester forces you to retake that course no matter what. Either taking it in the summer or taking it in a future semester, having to retake a course can be quite the hassle.

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