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Atomic Bombs - Hiroshima and Nagasaki

            The dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War Two, and the events leading up to the attack, had terrifying consequences on the people of Japan. World War II was a war that was being fueled by technology, and each country was doing their best to invent the best war craft based equipment. The ability for countries to constantly produce industrial war items such as tanks, planes, and bombs were becoming an essential part in winning the war. Countries were going as far as launching campaigning schemes to offer incentive for people to produce wartime equipment, all so that their country could have ultimate power and tremendous advantage in these wars. .
             Threatened by Germany, the United States launched the Manhattan Project, in which scientists developed the world's first nuclear weapon by causing a chain reaction of energy upon the splitting of an atom. This was known to be the most powerful destructive weapon of the time, and it was in the hands of the United States. In the events leading up to the bomb being dropped, the U.S. Navy had already destroyed a majority of Japan's surface ships, and were using systematic attacking systems with B-29 bombers to completely destroy Japanese cities, killing and injuring thousands of innocent civilians. The effects of the War and the attacks on Japan critically made the innocent citizens of Japan suffer. .
             The United States attacked Japan in many different ways, but the two strategies that deemed to be most successful were the use of B-29 bombers and the atomic bomb. On a dry night in 1945, the United States created a firestorm in the city of Tokyo, setting fire and igniting the whole city into flames. B-29 bombers were flying over the city dropping firebombs at the dense city, causing an uncontrollable spread of flames carried by the wind, which quickly whipped up the majority of Tokyo's population. The air was described to be "filled with live sparks"," as written in the article "The Incendiary Bombing Raids on Tokyo, 1945".

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