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Drop out kids

             The viscous cycle that is taking over our high schools would have to be high school drop outs. The following races that dominate high school drop outs are Hispanics, Native Americans, and African American. Hispanics are the first minority group on the list of drop outs (Who Drops Out 2). Hispanics are at a twenty-five percent drop out rate and are increasing rapidly by the year. Native Americans are the second minority group on the list of drop outs. The Native American drop out rate is slowly declining because more of the Native American students are staying in school. .
             African Americans are steadily increasing in their drop out rate. They will soon become the second most on the chart of drop outs. Asian teens are the number one majority to continue in school and graduate. This is because Asians tend to raise their children with better values due to their traditional backgrounds. Many Asian parents don't find bad grades acceptable in their culture. With Asians focusing a lot of their ethics on respect and support for families many do not slack off during school. Many Asians use this as an advantage, some feel pressured and don't feel they need to succeed. .
             In the book Safe Passage, by Joy G. Dryfoos, it states some statistics about minority drop outs. In 1980 Hispanic high school drop outs were at a 27.9 percent of the total drop outs. Native Americans were at a 35.5 percent, Blacks were at a 22.2 percent, and Asians were at a low of 8.2 percent. Native Americans were at their high in the 80's, but have come down drastically since then. Hispanics have constantly stayed at a high. In 1989 about twenty five percent of Hispanic teens dropped out of high school, between the ages of sixteen to twenty four. In 1993 about 381,000 teens dropped out of high school between the grades 10th - 12th grade (Dryfoos). .
             In the year of 1995 there was about fifteen million teens between the ages of fourteen and approximately eighteen years of age.

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