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Incentive to Decrease the High School Dropout Rate

            America has a vast number of social problems, and education is one of them. The education debate over whether America has the best or the worst has gone on for years. Some parents may feel that their child is getting the best education he or she can, while others may feel that there needs to be more offered in the classrooms. Education plays an important role in one's life, as without education an individual is not able to work. It is a known fact that high school drop outs end up either dead or in prison, because they do not have anything to do with their life; they did not complete high school to get their diploma. The proposal that is being established is that the high school dropout has to go to a concentration camp run by North Koreans. Some may say that education is not important, when in reality one's education determines your life. The world would now be witness to the graduation rate increasing, employment numbers increasing, and better education altogether. .
             Some might say that this punishment is way out of line, but if this is the only way for the dropout rate to decrease then then it will be enforced. When an individual decides to drop out of school, or fail their classes they have decided to throw away and fail their life. They are not doing anything with their life; they are only getting into trouble or making trouble. These are the people who are considered to be menaces to society, because trouble is the only thing that they know. Being put into the concentration camps ran by the North Koreans will make them rethink their entire life over, and all of the horrible decisions that they made. They would begin to realize that if they had a second chance they would not do the same thing twice. With the dropout rate decreasing, which means the graduation rate increasing, more people would be able to apply for jobs because they would have a high school education. College is not for everyone, which is why so many high school students go directly into the workforce.

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