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War on Drugs

            It is the inherent nature of human beings to desire a state of altered .
             consciousness and alternative perception. Throughout history, this .
             fact has been exemplified and documented within all cultures and .
             societies, from the Native Americans to the Chinese to the Catholic .
             priests. Moreover, homeopathic remedies and herbalist practices remain .
             the laid foundation for modern medicine. Despite the undisputable .
             evidence that "drugs" have played a natural, pivotal, and essential .
             role in the existence of man, society, through the centuries, has .
             attempted to demonize these substances and their potential as destructive and .
             demoralizing forces as well as extirpate their influence in a blind and .
             hypocritical effort of control. .
             Paganism, even today is associated heavily with the use of drugs and .
             herbs, and, since the rise of Christianity, Paganism has been portrayed .
             as the religion of the devil. The example of original sin, where Eve .
             was seduced by the serpent to eat the apple from the tree of Knowledge .
             is demonstrative of subliminal forces to vilify pagan ways, as the .
             serpent and the apple are both seen as powerful symbols in pagan .
             religions. In addition, women are continuously identified with .
             paganism, as they are, by custom, the cooks and healers. They, .
             throughout history, have been generalized as working with herbs for the .
             purposes of healing and cooking, and associated with Mother Nature, .
             Gia, traditional pagan gods and fundamental beliefs. .
             Interestingly enough, these stereotypes, that have served the purpose .
             of degrading certain ways of life for social and political motives, .
             have carried on through modern times. One of the most remarkable .
             events in history, the Salem witch trials, is a perfect example of how .
             subliminal conditioning and prejudices can be rooted deep into a .
             society and hundreds of years later still weak havoc. Ironically .
             enough, historians now believe that the witch hunts and hysteria were .

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