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Drug and the Infectivness of Drug War

             I would like to say that my initial reaction to the continuance of the prolonged fight on what we have named the war on drugs and recent debate as to whether or not we should keep drugs illegal was of course we should. I am sure that is what everyone's reaction to this sensitive topic would be. I am inclined to ask if this opinion would remain if given a look at all the information and not just the age-old concept that drugs are bad and the user is always of a low economic background with little education and no morals. Do we take this as our stand because society has us believing that is the morally correct thing to do? We would never dare voice that we think this is a battle that can not be won and that there are more productive things that would prove beneficial to place this kind of time and money into. Who wants to be the social outcast? Imagine a parent responding on this subject and stating that they support giving up this long losing battle. How would the others receive them? I can bet that the above response would not be received with a positive reception. If we question the point and efficiency of this then we are labeled as drug legalizers which is then interpreted as we do not care about our children and their future. We are in support of drugs and condone their use. What exactly have we accomplished in this war in the last twenty years that has been of any significance? This epidemic of addiction that is labeled as a disease is all too common and wide spread. For many individuals it is just for social acceptance to hold on to this opinion that drugs need to remain illegal and this war on drugs continue to wage on regardless of the lack of results. It is apparent to all that this war that we wage has not kept addicts from using nor has it kept illegal drugs out of this country. We are no closer to winning then when we began. The United States has never been engaged in a war with such disastrous losses.

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