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Legalization of Drugs

            Years from now in another generation or two people will look back at this era as the second prohibition period in modern American history. Supporters of probation argue drugs are destructive to society and morally wrong. For the past thirty years the government has escalated the war on drugs by banning every kind of addictive drug and pumping billions of dollars into aggressive enforcement without significant success. The case for legalization of drugs is not to encourage the use of drugs but to provide a more effective means of dealing with the societal effects of drug abuse.
             The opposition of drug legalization usually argue "health and productivity costs would increase dramatically and the net costs to society would rise substantially"(Dupont par.27). People argue that legalization would encourage the use and abuse of drugs and would make the present situation worse. Those against legalization are rooted in the belief that legalization would corrupt our society and destroy our moral values. They claim legalization would encourage a much higher usage leading to more deaths and a greater rehabilitation cost to society. There would be greater demands for medical services and rehabilitation clinics provided by the government at taxpayer expense. .
             The counter to the opponents view is that legalization is not encourage or condoning the use of drugs and that a transition to legalization should be accompanied by a campaign to discourage the abuse of drugs, similar to the successful campaign against smoking and the tobacco companies. The war on drugs is highly corrupting on society .
             because enormous wealth is created in the hands of the worst criminal elements giving them the means to bribe the pillars of our society like law enforcement, judges, and politicians. Illegal, uncontrolled, black-market substances distributed by criminals .
             provide the user with no assurance of quality or concentration.

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