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Legalization Of Drugs

            I am here to convince you why we should legalize drugs in America. They impact are society very greatly now a days starting to mass in the 1960's and have gotten even bigger now in the year of 2003. .
             Legalizing drugs would make are streets safer, in October of 1987 a survey was put out by Wharton Econometrics drugs were blamed for a fifth of the murders and rapes, a quarter of car thefts, two fifths of robberies and assaults and half of our nations burglaries and thefts. The reason because of this is because when law enforcement stops the flow of drugs they become rarer. Eventually it becomes a game of supply and demand and the prices just keep going up. People who are addicted need the more money required so they participate in these illegal activities. If drugs were legal this would not be a problem because everyone would have them and they would be cheap. In example in Pakistan a gram of pure heroin sold for $5.07 and when it came to America it was sold for $2425.00. That's quite a large increment of money. So all the addicts who already spent their money have to turn elsewhere to get the money and that's when the crimes start happening. Another point is that the streets become a battleground between dealers who are all fighting and killing for each others buyers which can sum up to millions of dollars a week.
             Legalizing drugs would put and end to prison overcrowding which is huge problem in our society today. It makes the environment in the prison even more vile and dangerous. Of 31,346 people in jail around 15,000 of them were in jail for drug law violations. In 1986 state prison were 114% over their population limits. If drugs are legalized prisons would be safer and people who came out of prison would be a lot less shady. Also this would decrease the large amount of population in prisons and would eventually get them under their restricted limits.
             The organized crime system would be heavily crippled if drugs were to be legalized.

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