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Legalization Of Drugs

            General Purpose: To persuade the class.
             Specific Purpose: To persuade the class in supporting the legalization of drugs.
             I. In our lives we face many things, like stress, stress from work stress from our families or from health or money. More than other countries especially due to our fast pace economy. Since so much is going on in our country every day our government has laws to protect us and to make sure people don't get hurt. I'm sure we can all agree here that there are some laws which don't benefit us at all. Like that you can die for your country at age 18 but you can't order a beer in a bar, and one of my favorite ones why should you have to pay taxes on your winnings if you win the lottery? But there is one law that makes absolutely no sense to me and that is the one that makes drugs illegal, and I am here today to tell you why.
             II. I'm going to first go over with all of you some reasons why people might feel a little negative about this idea. Then I will give you some startling statistics that the whole country should know, concluded by all the benefits we will all endure as a nation.
             CON- SIDE:.
             Many would argue that if it drugs were legal that there would be people all over the place under the influence of drugs that might make people feel like they are superman. Especially while they are driving cars, operating machinery and being in public endangering lives. The truth is though people are doing this anyway despite the law, everyone that wants to do drugs does them, whether there is a law or not making them illegal just makes them more expensive and maybe even more of a thrill to use.
             All you in here think about it, if drugs were legal tomorrow would you suddenly become a frequent drug user? The only thing we have to worry about if drugs were legal is hope that people don't make the connection that LEGAL=APPROVAL TO USE. Now cigarettes is responsible for more deaths every year than all deaths from all other substances put together and that is sure legal.

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