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Drug Legalization

             Most Americans want to feel safe at home, and when they are out in the streets. This security everyone dreams of is hardly ever a reality. One reason why we live in fear is because of the many problems that arise as a result of drug use. The drug problem that our country is facing is bringing violence and addiction to many people. Large amounts of crime result from drug use. Drug addicts have few resources to slowly diminish their habit, and their lives slowly worsen. The government has tried for years to battle this enormous problem. Attempts at winning this war on drugs have had little success. Law enforcement has little effect, and it alone cannot defeat the giant problems that come with drug use in America. It is time that we consider a new option to minimize the negative effects of drug use. A logical solution to this problem is the legalization of illegal drugs.
             An example of a failed solution to a substance problem is a piece of history. In the 1920's, alcohol was made illegal by Prohibition. What resulted was a large outbreak of organized crime. This new organized crime created a series of problems. Criminals jumped at the chance to supply the demand for liquor. The streets became stages for violence. Large amounts of unlawful money bribed law enforcement and court officials. Non-regulated liquor that criminals made crippled or even killed the people who consumed them. When Americans saw what Prohibition was doing, they supported its repeal. Prohibition was officially repealed in 1933. After repeal, most states legalized liquor and the criminal gangs were out of the liquor business (Le Moult 33). Prohibition failed to accomplish its goal to eliminate the problems of alcohol use. This part of history shows that total restriction of a substance cannot prevent its use or the harmful results of its presence.
             A helpful aspect of the legalization of drugs is the effect it would have on the nation's economy.

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