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Drug Legalization

             What are you"re views on the legalization of drugs? Would it benefit society or would it be a catastrophic downfall? I believe that if we legalize drugs the amount of crime that is committed in the U.S. each year would drastically decrease. Most of the crimes committed in the U.S. right now are drug-related. People are forced to commit crimes to get money for drugs that could easily be afforded if the government would legalize it and distribute it lawfully.
             Before drug laws existed no drug problem existed. People recognized occasional harm from some drugs, but that was no more considered a social problem then tobacco use was considered a social problem. When the nineteen twenties prohibition on alcohol has failed. There is no possible way that the drug prohibition is going to be effective.
             Myth is an engine pushing the drug war, factual arguments may be dismissed as irrelevant by persons who live the myth. To affect the drug war we must address its mythological content.
             Drug abuse unifies America. Drug abuse, however, is universally regarded as deviancy. .
             Illicit drugs are considered immoral because they harm people, plenty of approved substances and activities have that drawback. Illicit drugs are immoral because users feel better than normal or even experience pleasure.
             The moral irony in anti-drug laws is that zealots crave them in order to eliminate distress such persons feel when they observe drug use. Both users and anti-drug crusaders want to avoid pain. But we have to tolerate a certain amount of pain in life. Passing laws against anything and everything that displeases us is a sign of immaturity. Quoted from the book, The Case for Legalizing drugs. .
             People are afraid of drugs. Reducing the flow of drugs entering the U.S. must be top priority.
             Currently about six percent of our population or twelve million Americans use drugs, a reduction of fifty percent from nineteen seventy-nine's twenty-five million.

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