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America and the War on Drugs

            Marijuana eventually gained the same infamous name that came with cocaine and heroin. This was largely because they were being sold in the same area and by the same drug dealers. The cops started cracking down and setting up drug busts. This drug .
             epidemic caused the government agency known as the D.E.A. (Drug Enforcement .
             Agency) to put an end to the drug war. The D.E.A. performs hundreds of drug busts a day .
             in major cities and small towns all over the United States. These busts have caused .
             countless families to be broken over amounts of marijuana as small as a only a few grams. The D.EA. is doing more damage than good when it comes to busting families over marijuana. The government has lost more money in the drug war than thought possible, without even making an acceptable amount of progress. The D.E.A. thought their campaign against drugs would be provocative enough to keep the dealers off the streets. The dealers are larger now than ever before and law enforcement is no closer to ending it than when they first started. If the government, for instance ever had a sudden change of heart and flipped the law on marijuana, they would see an immense flow of money. The drug dealers would see a huge downfall of money if their most popular drug became legal. The bigger fish in the drug war would also see their production stumble with only being able to sell other narcotics besides marijuana. With absolutely no income from the expensive sell of marijuana, drug lords would start to lose some of the money that goes towards keeping their business running smoothly. This would ultimately be the end of the drug war and the D.E.A.'s job would be much easier. .
             People are beginning to understand that this drug war is bigger than may expect. Many people do not understand the significance of this war because it is not well documented to the public. Johnson expresses his concern in the book The War On Drugs, "The war on drugs is difficult and expensive, and there are signs that it is faltering, with battle lines being drawn.

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