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War On Drugs

             For years the "War on Drugs" has been one of America's greatest follies. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent to enforce drug laws on Americans with no great change in use. This is the wrong way to handle such a problem.
             Let's compare drugs to roaches. You cannot possibly exterminate all of the roaches in your house by stomping on every roach that you see. Some roaches never come out in the light and some are eggs yet to hatch, these pests will never be caught even with the most watchful eye. You need to get an exterminator to come and spray the house and probably the outside of the house too, to keep them from coming back. To stop heroin and cocaine from being used in America, we must first eliminate its source.
             The "War on Drugs" is not a war against Americans, it's a war against drugs. The problem is that some Americans use drugs. How can we stop this?.
             There needs to be a multi-national policy instilled to control the production of drug crops. If you leave cookies on the counter over night you"re going to develop an infestation, and if you leave opiates to be produced all through Asia and cocaine to be grown in South America . . . Americans will get a hold of it.
             The world needs to get together and decide which "drugs" are worth prohibiting, it also needs to decide which uses are tolerable. Marijuana, for example, is not even considered a drug in many countries and appears to have many medical uses. Morphine and other opiates are used in hospitals around the world and saves people a great deal of pain. Codeine and Lidocaine, cocaine's little brothers, are often prescribed for pain dealing with dental work. The UN would serve us well to figure out which drugs have the potential to be used in medicines.
             One way of looking at the drug problem would be from the punishment angle. The UN could decide to impose strict fines on countries found to be cultivating and exporting illegal drugs.

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