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High School and Real-World Skills

            We all know how astonishing it is to come out of high school to be able to work and make the money you deserve by acquiring the knowledge of a trade from that school. There has been controversies to whether or not have more real world skills in high school then to just keep it as it. Many of these students that attend vocational schools have an upper hand in real world scenarios. These things help them look into the future and allows them to be able to enjoy their high school years. Not only are they enjoying these years but they are also benefiting from the trades they are taught. In my opinion I think that they should have more real world skills in high school because of the financial benefits from them, opportunities to be at the workplace to acquire more knowledge, and also would help reduce them from dropping out of high school to be successful in their trade. Which Matthew states "According to the National Center for Education Statistics, dropout rates have decreased from twelve to seven percent from 2009-20012 nationally. .
             First, the fact that these trades will benefit them financially after high school is amazing. Not only are the students learning there general studies that high school's teach, but they are also being taught a trade they find eye catching to them at the same time. I personally can say it for myself. I went to a vocational school, Greater Lowell Technical High School. Not only did I want to keep learning about my trade, HVAC-R, but I also wanted to graduate. Being able to accomplish two things at once from this school was unbelievably shocking. What it came out to be was the fact that when I graduated I was hired to work at the same place where I learned my skills and started to make more money because of the experience I had their. No college was necessary. Unlike some of my other friends that did not attend a trade school that had to keep going and earn a degree to start seeing the money.

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