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My Views on High School

            There comes a time in every person's life when they have to take a stand about something. Sometimes that person continues to stand with the same position, but other times they change their mind about how one does something. School is just a stepping stone to the rest of one's life. One may make mistakes along the way and change how they do things and their view on certain subjects and matters. Just between middle school and high school a person can change a lot and grow in their schooling or sports. Parents are always right in what they say and a student should always listen to their advice and decide whether or not to actually do their advice. Which is why homework, staying late after school to study and grades are a good thing to monitor and to do. .
             Going into high school I always did my homework. All through grade school and the awful middle school I was doing my homework striving for straight A's. When I was a freshman and decided to join my high school's color guard for the marching band my grades went into the toilet. I cared more about my extracurricular activity than my grades. So starting my sophomore year I continued to be on the color guard, surprisingly my grades allowed me to join again, and added in the winter joining the winter guard. Winter guard is like marching band inside, but without the band and we perform to a CD. But back to my homework habits and how I changed my view on those. Homework to me was a waste of my time in high school and still somewhat in college. My priorities in high school were color guard, boys, family, and then school work. I obviously didn't have those right because school work should have been first and boys last. I now live by a saying: "Books before boys." ┬áNow that I am in college I have learned that my studies are very important and it only takes one bad grade to set one back on their GPA. College is not as forgiving as high school was, college is much harder and more time consuming than high school.

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