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Curriculum Development in High School

            Education is extremely important in today's society if one wishes to be successful, both individually and within a community. Courses offered by schools teach students the knowledge and skills needed to succeed outside of the school setting. Thus, a school district's curriculum is extremely important. Administrators must strive to create a solid curriculum that benefits the students and prepares them for life after their high school years. In order to achieve this objective, administrators must analyze their curriculum to make sure it meets those goals. Every school district has a curriculum review process for the analysis of their curriculum. This process consists of four steps: initiating curriculum analysis, developing a new curriculum, steps for initiating the new curriculum, and follow-up procedures once the new curriculum is in place.
             Core course curriculum revision and physical education curriculum revision are complex processes. There is no nationwide blueprint on how a school district should go about the curriculum revision process; there are only common, acceptable practices. Throughout this course, I have interviewed two administrators from the North Allegheny School District, in Western Pennsylvania, regarding their core course and physical education curriculum revision processes. Through these interviews, I have learned the curriculum revision practices for the North Allegheny School District and have been able to compare them to the acceptable practices. This paper will explain how the administrators and school district stack up when compared to the acceptable practices for curriculum review.
             The first interview this semester was with Dr. Lawrence Butterini, the Principal of North Allegheny Senior High School. Through this interview, I learned North Allegheny's practices regarding their core course curriculum revision. There is a United States Department of Education, and each state has its own Department of Education.

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