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            Over the years, the educational system in America has improved immensely. Students have evolved from learning the basics of the English language, to having the option to learn another foreign tongue. Also, a greater variety of studies are now available for students learning and educational enrichment. Schools across the country all have some kind of curriculum, which is said to offer students, no matter age, race, gender or religion, an equally wholesome education. Despite these developments, there are still major flaws in the education system across the United States. Issues like inadequate teaching staff, lack of materials, limited education, and unequal education face our education system today. .
             The first step in the education system for most people is pre-school. Basically this is where children first learn to interact with other students when they are away from their parents. Here is where children are taught the very basics of education. Colors, shapes, numbers and other basic information are the elements most often learned in pre-school. This is a child's first educational learning experience. A child will then go on to kindergarten upon completion of pre-school. Here, the curriculum is more advanced. The children will learn the basics of reading, writing, and spelling, among other factors of basic education. Elementary school comes next in a child's ladder of education. From first to fifth grade, a child learns the most useful information they will need in life. Reading, writing, mathematics and English are stressed to all students. This information is necessary for life. During middle school, the tools are refined and polished, and then they enter high school. This is where the tools are applied, and a more specialized kind of learning takes place. Throughout high school, students are told that they are preparing for college. The only thing that involves college in high school is the fact that you have to do well to get into the college of your choice.

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