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school uniforms

             School uniforms are a bad idea for the following reasons. One reason is because schools could lose enrollment. Another reason is because there are a lot of family's that are financially unstable that wouldn't be able to afford them. The last reason is because they make the school look boring and depressing. Those three things are reasons for not having school uniforms. .
             Schools could use enrollment from getting school uniforms. For example when Steele Middle School got school uniforms about 20% of their already enrolled students left to go to other schools. Students weren't able to express there own individuality. They had to wear clothes that weren't them and made them want to leave that school. Schools could also lose money if they got school uniforms.
             A lot of family's are financially unstable and cannot afford to buy uniforms for their children. They would also have to buy them clothes for events outside of school. Parents could take their kids out of that school for that reason also. A lot of parents really cannot afford uniforms.
             School uniforms make schools look boring, colorless, and depressing. When you have uniforms you walk down the hallways and see one or two colors through the whole hallway. A lot of students could be depressed and come to school and not see bright colors and get even more depressed. Students will get sick of wearing the same thing everyday. School uniforms are dull. .
             School Uniforms are a bad idea because, schools can lose enrollment, some parents are financially unstable, and they are boring and depressing. Students won't like them. Teachers don't have to wear them y should students. Schools are better off without them.

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