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The Benefits of Requiring School Uniforms

            Students go to school to learn, to grow and to gain the necessary academic fundamentals to assist them in becoming a successful adult. Schools which require their students to wear uniforms, have taken an important step in creating an environment where children have the best possible environment to learn and focus on their education. Uniforms should be required in grades pre-k to twelfth grade. Reason being, uniforms create structure and discipline, equality and a sense of belonging amongst other students. School uniforms are very cost effective compared to having to buy outfits for certain seasons. In the following paragraphs I will support my claims on why I believe uniforms should be required. .
             In 2007, when I was in high school, the students were not required, to wear uniforms. Everyone was free to wear what they wanted and teachers were so lenient with the dress code. Among my fellow students I noticed a lot of kids seemed to have no discipline in their life and school was not a priority for them. Our school had a median drop-out rate, tardies and absences were very high. I believe that if our school would have required the students to wear uniforms, they could have had a different outcome. According to a surveyed parent pro school uniforms, "School uniforms send a signal that school is something to be serious about". (The Debate over School Uniform: Promotes good discipline) I agree with the parents, in that when children have rules and guidelines that they follow, that teaches them structure and discipline. As a result, the discipline can help guide students through life and in the work field. .
             They are many disruptions at any school across the nation that distracts many students from learning. Students usually frown upon others because of the name brand of clothing that clearly shows who has money and who doesn't. According to one article, a proponent for uniforms found that School Officials state, "They have noticed that their students have better self-esteem because without the name brand clothing on display, students are placed on an equal level.

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