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K To12 Curriculum and the Philippine Education Crisis

            The K to 12 Curriculum has been implemented by the government for the enhancement of the Philippine Basic Education System. It aims for quality basic education for the Filipinos to become globally competitive and holistically developed. It gives substantial and sufficient benefits for individuals, families, society and economy. Although, k to 12 program is an initiative action for the betterment of the Philippine Education but still there are underlying questions about its effectiveness in terms of the implementation and sustainability. For the fact that the perennial education problems in the country had not been resolved and the condition of the Philippine Education was critical tom become ready for K to 12 curriculum.
             The past curriculum system which was K to 10 observed to be inadequate as the basic education curriculum. As a result, the proposal and now the implementation of the K to 12 system as the basic education curriculum is possibly brighter and more considerate solution for the unresolved unsatisfactory performance in the education sector.
             The new curriculum faces unfavorable yet truthful issues or concerns such as the following: Additional years not equal to quality education, the sustainable of K to 12 which is not a law yet, the funding of the program wherein there is shortage everywhere in the education sector, the better –trained teachers for the new curriculum wherein there are such exploitative and threat of displacement and K to 12 serves as the answer for the country's employment and other development problems wherein there are lack of college enrollees and the promotion of labor-export policy. These lapses and the other prevailing and current problems in the education sector were given solutions by the government.
             According to Representatives Antonio Tinio of Act Teachers Partylist and Raymond Palatino of Kabataan Partylist, adding two years in education system is impractical because of the myriad trials whish the Philippine Education still suffering such as the shortage of resources.

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