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Philippine as an Archipelagic State

            The Philippines is a strategically positioned and rich in resources archipelago, lying at the maritime intersections of Northeast and Southeast Asia, and linking the South China Sea with the Pacific Ocean. It has been called a typical shore state and is an archipelagic and nautical nation with over 7,000 islands, exclusively bordered and interconnected by seas. Not many towns or cities in the country are more than 100 km from shore. 78% of its provinces and 54% of municipalities, almost all major cities, and 62% of the population are coastal. Just as the seas have moulded our history and the foundation of the nation, we continue to depend on them for our livelihood and welfare, for communications and transportation, for defense and security, for leisure and the enjoyment of nature's blessings.1.
             A country that is being an archipelago has its own superiority and deprivation. The discreteness of the various regions, from islet to islet, from island to island, and being detached by huge and small bodies of water significantly support making the inhabitants of each place want to acquire more knowledge about the history of their fellowmen from other regions.
             On the other hand, due to the scattered islands of the Philippines, mountainous and asymmetrical coastline, the country needs a strong maritime security to guard the country's resources and maritime territories towards the unwanted elements of intrude and invaders.
             The Philippines confronts different serious maritime security challenges that threatens not only its territorial integrity but also the peaceful presence of the Filipinos and their acquired privileges to be liberated from such threats as armed robbery, piracy, terrorism, trafficking of persons, smuggling, national disasters, climate change and marine environment degradation. With these situation and challenges that are stated, the government of the Philippines is expanding its own defense cooperation and opening its doors for military assistance that would aid the Philippines in order to protect its own maritime territories, safeguard its natural resources and strengthen its own maritime militaries.

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