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Australia & Philippine - Research Paper

            ï»¿Australia & Philippine Research Paper Term.
             According to Google map, Australia is the continent lying between Indian Ocean and South Pacific Ocean. Australia is under Indonesia and Papua New Guinea of South East Asian and above New Zealand. "Australia is also the only continent that is governed as a single country. It is sometimes informally referred to as an 'island' continent, surrounded by oceans ". Between Australia and Asian is Arafura Sea and Timor Sea. The total area of mainland Australia is about 7.69 million square kilometers, the biggest island but smallest continent in the world, according to www.australia.com. It is also the 6th largest country in the world after Russia, Canada, China, the United States and Brazil. The exclusive economic zone is 8.148.250 square kilometers, with 34.218 km shoreline. The most area of Australia is desert or half-desert with less of population living called outback. Most of Australians live in South East coast. The capita city is Canberra located at south of Sydney in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), with 290 square kilometers area. The most populous city is Sydney. More than a third of Australians concentrated there.The benefit of Australia's geography is easy to transport and trade to Asian - an emerging market and U.S - the biggest market, improve tourism and fishing.
             In comparison to Australia, Philippine is one of the ASIAN organization, and it is located in the Southeast Asia. With the total of 300,000 square km, and the total amount of islands is approximately 7,100, Philippine is called "The country of thousands islands " (Following "Geography and Map of the Philippine "). The benefits that Philippine can gain form these characteristics are the development of the sea foods industry, and they also helps Philippine to increase its exporting through sea way or air way.
             2. Population.
             In 2013, population of Australia is 23,342,553, stand at 51th of world population.

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