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Early Years Curriculum

             In this assignment, I plan to achieve a number of things. I shall discuss, evaluate, and define Early Years Education'.
             Initially I will be defining Audrey Curtis` statement, following that I will aim to deliver a clear concise meaning of the term Curriculum'.
             My next step will be to discuss the early educationalists work and how it has had an influence on today's education.
             Other areas for discussion will include High-Scope, National Curriculum, Desirable Outcomes, and Baseline Assessment, as they all play an important role in this assignment I will go into them in further detail.
             Finally, I shall give you an insight into my work placement, citing it's role in my development and opinions of my own I have formatted during my time there.
             Audrey Curtis is an educational consultant; she was also formerly a senior lecturer at the Institute of Education, London University.
             On reading Audrey Curtis` statement extracted from " A Curriculum for the Pre-school Child-, 2nd Edition (1998) p118, my understanding of the message she is delivering is that since the document released by the S.C.A.A (1996b), early educators are feeling overly influenced into ensuring that children attain the learning outcomes recommended by the S.C.A.A. Her concern is that early educators are attempting to meet these highlighted requirements through a more formal approach, such as, sitting at desks for lengthy periods.
             Children relate better to hands on experience, as this is a more enjoyable approach to learning for them, rather than information being force-fed to them. A formal approach is completely uncalled for at this stage of development in a child's life, as the learning outcomes will be achieved by the majority of children on reaching statutory school age, if they are permitted to grow and gain knowledge at the pace they set themselves. Emphasis should be placed on the day to day content of learning, not the outcome.

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