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High School Drama

            In the hallways of Wissahickon Senior High School drama is at an all time high. New relationships are blooming, and they are top priority to a majority of those who attend in this school. Everywhere you look there is fresh gossip, a broken heart, and an intense philosophical conversation concerning why "Billy loves Jamie, but Jamie is too cool for Billy's crowd." Could this be a reflection of the real world, or is this stereotypical behavior a result of how we teenagers jumble up our view of the world?.
             Taking this issue to another level, how do these relationships form? Dating became a "serious matter" somewhere around age thirteen with my friends. Rather than trading Pokemon cards or talking about cartoons, the boys and girls separated into groups to talk about each other. In other words, they would separate so they could "check out" the opposing group as if they were picking from a menu. From my experience this process involved harsh criticisms and very important observations such as: "Wow! Brad's new hair cut is so cute!" and "Hey, check out Jennie's shirt, dude, that's hot!" Things have not changed much since then.
             So, the roots of these dramatic high school scenes have been pinpointed to an age where hormones begin to rage within the bodies of these young students. Now, how does the selection process play out? First off, for the males it is important to impress the pack with a suitable female. In order to find such a girl, these young boys will go as far as to make themselves look like buffoons. Somewhere along the way, possibly from the television or their fathers, these boys picked up the idea that acting like an idiot would get them somewhere. Now, from this pack of buffoons, the real selection plays out. The girls role is very critical in that she must find a boy who is better than her friends boyfriends, impresses her parents, and is willing to pay for everything. Chivalry is key because all of the "dreamy" men on t.

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