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The Life of a Teenage Girl

            The adolescent that I chose to interview goes to high school in Atlanta, Georgia and attends a high school in the same school system that I attended. She is a sixteen-year-old 10th grader at Maynard Jackson High School. Throughout most of the interview, I got plenty of the answers that I expected. .
             Some of the more expected findings in my interview were that she hates the fights, drama, and terrible food options. The most fixable issue in her school is getting better food options based on her opinion. She said that she did not spend much time doing homework. She only spends about 2 hours doing homework per week on average. Like most adolescents she enjoys hanging out with friends in her free time. She enjoys watching television, talking, and using recreational drugs. These are the things that many people did for fun while I was in high school.
             Although most of the answers that the adolescent gave were expected the questions pertaining to personal relationships were surprising. Specifically, the fact that she has a boyfriend, but she has never been on what she would consider a date. Even more surprising is that she has been allowed to have boyfriends since the age of twelve. For a perfect date, she imagines going out to eat, having thoughtful conversations, and watching a movie. These things seem pretty easy to do which is part of the reason I am so shocked to learn that she has never been on a date. She also spoke very highly of her best friend. She enjoys spending time with her best friend more than anyone. Strangely enough, she said the things that bring them together most are the debates they have. .
             In addition to the findings on relationships being interesting, she also had a surprising take on popularity in her school. She feels that in her grade there are not any unpopular kids. Everybody has a group of friends that she views on equal social standings. She also said that even the typically popular students such as athletes are on equal social standing as everyone else.

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