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Teenage Pregnancy

            As today's family values slowly decline, teenage pregnancy becomes a major concern in today's society. Each year teenage girls are getting pregnant at a younger and younger age with no guarantee of a father by their side. Many girls are left with the responsibility of supporting young children financially, and many girls aren't even ready for the responsibility of caring for another human being. .
             As far as I am concerned, this family issue is very interesting because the teenage parent has a lot of challenges that must be overcame and decided. The two main ones are continuing education, and financial problems. Pregnant teenagers have the right to finish their education. It may be hard, but it is not impossible. The outcome of teenage pregnancy turns out better if the mother goes back to school after she has given birth. Staying in school may help to prevent teenage mothers from having a second pregnancy. In some schools they stay in their regular classes, but in others they are placed in special classes for pregnant teenagers. These classes" help parents learn about pregnancy, prenatal care, and parenting skills. Some schools even have childcare. Schools that provide daycare centers on campus reduce the incidence of teenagers dropping out of school. These school programs also decrease the likelihood that the teen mother will have more children. .
             It is important for teenage parents to complete high school. A lot of jobs require high school diplomas. The statistics show that teenagers who dropout usually work minimum wage jobs in the community. Having a high school diploma enables them to have more career choices. .
             The other most important challenge of a teenage parent is financial problems. Teenagers face more financial problems than older parents. Even if both parents work, they lack the education or skills needed to obtain a job that can support a family. This is why many teen mothers rely on welfare.

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