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Prevent Teenage Pregnancy

             As her baby is screaming, seventeen year-old Annette wonders what they are going to eat for dinner tonight. It is the end of the month and her welfare check has run out. The child's diaper is wet and Annette scrambles in the bathroom, searching for a clean one. This is the situation that many teenagers in America face. There are many ways to avert having a child at a young age. Teenage pregnancy is a major concern in today's society; there are many ways to prevent teen pregnancy, such as education, abstinence, and birth control.
             One way to prevent teenage pregnancy is by education. By watching talk-shows, it is clearly shown that the girls on the show who want to have babies at a young age have not been educated about the reality of being a callow mother. They want to have a baby so that they can dress the baby up in name brand clothing. Their reasons for wanting a child are immature and dense. They have no idea what it is really like to be the sole provider of another human being. In school you learn about taking care of babies in high school that is too late. Kids in this day of age are starting to have children younger and younger. Schools need to start educating about pregnancy and childcare in junior high. That is the age that kids are starting to have kids. Parents need to do there part at home also. It is necessary for parents to talk to their children and explain about pregnancy so that they do not learn the wrong concepts from media and friends. Education is the foundation to reducing teenage pregnancy. .
             Another way to prevent teenage pregnancy is by abstinence. This is the best prevention method there is. Although it may be the hardest it can save you a lot of hard ache in the end. Choosing to not have sex until you are able to properly take care of a baby is a wise decision. One needs to be able to support themselves and their child. By practicing abstinence one does not have to worry about any slip ups.

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