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Teen Pregnancy and Reality Television

            Teen pregnancy is a big topic discussed today. It is seen and heard about everywhere: books, movies, magazines, and more commonly television shows. the question that is asked by many is, "Is it showing the real effects of teen pregnancy, or is being glamorized?" Popular television shows and movies such as Teen Mom and Juno do not glorify or promote teen pregnancy as some may argue that they do. There was a time in the past where teen pregnancy was a more common thing, getting pregnant at a younger age was acceptable. As time has gone on the rates and statistics drastically change throughout the years. Today teen pregnancy can be seen as normal by some or can also be seen as a terrible thing. In the past teen pregnancy was not always shown on television or in movies or as frequently talked about. Today it is plastered everywhere, with celebrities and normal everyday girls. Two popular shows today are Teen Mom 1, 2 and 3 and 16 & Pregnant by MTV. These shows display the real lives of teenage girls who are pregnant. It shows girls who choose different options and how they live their life. .
             It is argued that these shows can glamorize teen pregnancy and actually make young girls want to get pregnant; some say it makes it look like an easy way to fame. The article Teen Pregnancy Not All Happy Smiles by Brian Housman, mentions along with television shows a popular movie Juno, they mention that why this does show some struggles of teen pregnancy and also ends in such a happy ending. Time magazine brought up the phrase "The Juno Effect" where young girls were saying how fun it would be to have a baby. Not long after that a "Pregnancy Pact" was also formed and reported. A group of girls all made a pact to get pregnant together, some were even sad when they found out they had not become pregnant. Another article that supports the same idea is "Reality Television Shows Glamorize Teen Pregnancy" by Susie Kroll.

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