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Ramifications of Teenage Pregnancy

            Jessica ____________ was a typical sophomore girl at Harman High School. She was very intelligent, outgoing, sweet-hearted, and fun to be around with. She was sexually active and lost her virginity when she was just fifteen years old, freshman year in high school, to Chuck Morris who is stalwart, good-looking and popular, who happened to like Jessica. .
             She was never satisfied with how she looked or the environment in her at home. Jessica was raised by a single mother who had her when the mother was teenager. Therefore, Jessica and her mother had been gone through hard times. Jessica's mother didn't wanted Jessica to end up like her so she raised Jessica strong and have set strict rules. One of the rules was not to have boyfriend until she entered high school.
             Then, Chuck came to her life, just like a Prince Charming. Jessica could not ask more when he wanted her instead of the other pretty girls at school. He soon became her relief. When she was with him, she felt like she was the most beautiful girl on earth and the sadness she felt at home seem to fade. .
             Jessica told her mother about Chuck and mother wanted to meet him to approve her relationship with him. After meeting him the mother told Jessica that she could have him over. Being single mother, she was never home because she was always working. Jessica took advantage of this and had Chuck come over every day. The mother never once mentioned about sex to Jessica so she believed "making love" to the person she loved was fine; shortly, she became pregnant. At first, she thought it was some kind of joke until the reality came to her. She was terrified but she believed that Chuck would be there for her since he loved her more than anything. Or so she thought.
             Jessica began to fantasize herself and Chuck raising "their child" together and live happily ever after, just like a fairy tale. She hurried and called Chuck to let him know the news.

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