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Current television is a slave to naturalistic convention.

             Current television is a slave to naturalistic convention.
             Almost every television drama produced for modern day viewing closely reflects today's society. For example, people enjoy watching soap operas because they can relate to the issues being portrayed. A typical example of this would be Shelly and Peter getting engaged in Coronation Street. A lot of people would be able to relate to this situation, as it is something occurs in most relationships.
             Dennis Potter is well known for writing, acting, directing and producing many television programmes and films. In 1986 he wrote the television series The Singing Detective'. Potter reworked material from his first novel Hide and Seek' (1973) with popular music and 1940's film noir and he came up with this idea of The Singing Detective'. The series is about detective novelist Philip Marlow who suffers from psoriatic arthropathy. He is confined to a hospital bed where he has strange hallucinations whilst mentally rewriting his own thriller The Singing Detective'. He himself is the lead role throughout and he drifts into a surreal 1945 fantasy of spies and criminals, along with vivid memories of a childhood in the Forest of Dean. This was quite a different television series as it .
             used songs and dance throughout. It was quite like a television musical. Another of Potters most famous pieces of work would be Lipstick On Your Collar'. This was also a musical television series, which was first aired in 1993. Set in 1956, two young clerks at the stuffy Foreign Office in Whitehall display little interest in the decline of the British Empire, their stories are combined with songs and dance. This again was a quite unlike any other television programmes being shown at the time.
             Today, many programmes tend to reflect more serious issues, such as death and violence. In Eastenders, Jamie Mitchell was knocked down and killed by Martin Fowler. This story was shown over the Christmas period and was quite upsetting.

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