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            One of those things that we all have grown up with is television, or as most people call it, .
             " People sometimes ask the question, "What is the good in television?" I am going to do .
             all I can to answer that question. You see, television gives us access to so much more .
             information out there in the world such as news, religions, and a great look at what is going on in .
             other places besides America. Television also allows us to have several forms of entertainment .
             such as sports, music videos, and sitcoms. If you honestly think about it, it's really hard to .
             picture life without television. We have all become accustom to its availability.
             The biggest thing on television surely has to be entertainment. Think about all the times .
             that adults come home from work or kids come in from school and we plop right down on the .
             couch and turn it on. Kids have Scooby Doo cartoons, the guys turn on the football game or that .
             Nascar race, and even the ladies come in and see what chick flick or love story is showing on the .
             Lifetime Channel. Too, guys like me (teen, unemployed and single) like to kick back in a comfy .
             recliner and watch Die Hard or The World Series on the big screen. That's entertainment!.
             Another great perk about having television is education. The History Channel, Discovery .
             Channel, Animal Planet, and of course The Learning Channel all educate us in some way. The .
             History Channel allows us to take an inside look at the past, whether it is Hitler and the Nazis to .
             what ever became of Noah's ark all of it is on there. The Discovery Channel covers so many .
             different things, especially what other parts of the world are like. From National Geographic, the .
             dinosaur experts of Archeology Today, or even taking a deep look into religions across the globe .
             you can see it all. The Animal Planet allows you to learn all of those things about your favorite .
             Animal wether it's a guy handling snakes and jumping on the back of a crocodile or even seeing .

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