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The Relevance of Television Broadcast News

            In the mid 1940's, America was introduced to the home television. Following WCBW's coverage of World War II and the Pearl Harbor attack, more and more people began buying personal television sets. According to "American Media History," by Anthony R. Fellow people started to understand the benefits of set ownership, which therefore lead to a decrease in the price and an increase in the sales of home television sets. People began to rely on television for their news and entertainment. Programs like "See It Now with Edward R. Murrow," gave television news the respect and attention it would continue to earn for decades. However, the 1990's brought about a new medium that would again change the way Americans prefer to receive their news and entertainment. Since the development of the Internet, television has not disappeared as a preference for peoples' news source, but the number of preferred news vehicles available has increased. .
             The introduction of television into the homes of American families changed the world of media forever. A nation that used to rely on the radio now turned to an option that combined visuals wit audio creating a revolutionary way to experience the news. Television also provided people with a new source of entertainment in television programming like CBS's I Love Lucy and NBC's The Aldrich Family. Television connected Americans as they sat around their television sets watching The $64,000 Question on CBS. There is no greater example, however, of our nation being unified by television than the famous news coverage that directly followed the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. On Friday, November 22, 1963 at 12:30 pm the 35th President of the United States was shot and killed in Dallas, Texas. According to the 2003 DVD "JFK: Breaking news," produced by K. B. Villasenor, within one half hour of the assassination, every television network had interrupted its regularly scheduled programming to deliver the breaking news of the President's death, and the events that followed.

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