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Televisions Effect on Culture

             Since the birth of communication, media has been used to convey information to those willing to absorb it. Beginning with publications and simple spoken words, and soaring to new heights in the twentieth century with Television. Television has been made accessible to people in every aspect of their daily lives, and with such a strong hold on modern society, T.V. media have been able to shape popular culture and often influence public opinion.
             One of the purposes of this essay is to look at social, economic and cultural effects on the development of Television. Specifically, we look at Reality T.V. and advertisements, as two of the main media influences that promises to bring political, social and economic changes. In this essay we are trying to draw the socio cultural picture of the environment in which Television operates. .
             It is the initial premise of this paper that communication innovations and changes in economic relationships affect the collections of habits, life styles, outlooks and identities we normally associate with the notion of culture. The information was collected through content analysis of web sites that focus on the institution of Television and, also, through a series of Television shows and advertisements.
             During the 1950's(1), television was eventually embraced by Australia. The process of integrating TV into Australian society was not a simple matter of highbrow loathing or mass embrace. Rather than being either completely "Americanized- or not at all, Australians integrated television and a heavy diet of American programming into their national way of life at the same time as they continued to subscribe to existing cultural attitudes about the value and relevance of Australian culture. From examining early TV in historical context, it is also clear that the presence of Australian television provoked reactions that were rooted in concerns about Australian national identity.

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