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Television and it

            Since the early 1950's television has been a means of expressing views, culture, and has greatly participated in the up-bringing of today's American youth. The question facing us is how negatively television has impacted the mentality of the individuals whom live in the United States. As a young child I recall watching several programs that were educational and appealed to my youthfulness. As a pre-teen I remember watching such shows as "Saved by the Bell," "Home Improvement," and "The Simpsons." These shows appealed to my sense of humor and the discovery of the importance of ties between not only family but friends as well. Now as I grow and mature so have my viewing tastes. Currently I watch programming which pertains more towards current events, law/politics, and basically programs that keep me informed as to what's going on in the world around me. The message being conveyed here is that television is something that is targeted at every individual all across the spectrum; if you have an interest than there is a program that is targeted at you. .
             With the invention of television came an explosion of pop/culture, mass-media, and the ability for one individual to affect the lives of millions of people. This also began the claims of televisions adverse affect on today's youth. Many individuals argue that today's generation is more desensitized towards violence than any generation in the past. These same individuals argue that there is a direct correlation between violence expressed outwardly mimicking the violence seen on TV In congressional testimony defending television, CBS president Howard Stringer points toward a different cause of violence. "I .
             come from a country . that puts a lot of American movies on and has more graphic violence within its live drama on the BBC than anywhere else, and there is a lot less .
             violence in the United Kingdom than there is here," says Stringer. "There are 200 million guns in America, and that has a lot to do with violence.

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