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Children and the Invasive Influence of Television

             Zuckerman states that: children who watch more violence have more aggression (41). Although television is very popular among countries, there should still be time limits. Some people may ask if television is harmful to children. To some it may, but there are also shows that educate and teach lessons to not only children but adults as well. Watching television too much can show many actions from children. .
             Many shows are there to improve children learning skills. For example, Sesame Street teaches children how to read and write. Today there are tremendous amount of shows like this that have intentions to help younger adults to stay focused. Starting children to watch positive shows at a young age, can lead to having higher grades in school than those who only watched shows for fun. Some shows may become boring to children as they get older, but they will always remember certain things that was watched when they were younger. Parents and children can make watching television an activity (44). Examples are talking about the difference between real and stories that are made up (59). Hero characters that are advertised on television can be great to have children to watch, but also can be misleading to some children. Those kinds of shows that lead to children thinking that they can do anything can cause harm to some children. Most try to attempt the stunts that are shown on the many shows. Some children may not be interested at the time, however; watching the news can highlight the different backgrounds of countries. For some, it may teach them how to prepare for disasters, make emergency calls, or even providing help to ones that may need it. Even though, some television is harmful to children, most of them offer help. Trying to control the amount of hours, should be the parent's next focus. .
             In some cases, television may have a negative impact on children. Television is very powerful and can control children's attitudes.

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