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Media influence

             During this age of information, it seems virtually impossible for the average citizen not to be aware of what is going on in their world: locally, nationally, and internationally. We live in the era of the World Wide Web, satellite television, radio, wireless telecommunication, cable, short wave, and endless publication resources. Whether we are in our cars and listening to the radio, or receiving a text message on our cellular phones, we as Americans have no excuse not to be informed. The quality of some of the information we receive can always be questioned, but it's our duty to question and research the information given.
             Throughout history, information has been distributed in a multitude of ways. Before current day sources: including the invention of television and radio, we relied on other sources for information like newspapers, telegraphs, spoken word etc. Local news spread fairly quickly, but news and events which occurred in another town, state, or country could take several days, weeks, and even months for information to be gathered and shared. Newspapers company's would have several editions printed to ensure the most recent information was received the by the area distributed. At the time, there was not a way to stop regularly scheduled broadcast television and radio shows to deliver a breaking news story. During this time, citizens had to react to situations instead of planning for a possible occurrence. Our knowledge of news and what was going on in the world was framed within a very limited knowledge base. .
             Presently, the world is in the information era, even those who choose to "live in a cave" have the option of being informed, or to communicate with others around the world. Since so much of what goes on the world affects our daily lives, we must actively stay informed. Today's informed citizen has a tremendous responsibility. We must not only stay informed about the social, economic, and political happenings within our own communities, we must also be aware of these issues nationally and globally.

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