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Television Advertising is Innefective

            Picture this: You are eagerly watching the season finalé your favourite television show. The series has built to a climax and just as the noble, Herculean hero is about to crush the virulent evil-doer, otherwise known as the bad guy, the screen cuts from the epic struggle of good versus evil to an advertisement for the newest N-Sync' CD. Do the people who place these advertisements honestly believe that the advertisements they place are any more than a disruption to our treasured television viewing? Do they realise that their so called effective-marketing' is slowly rendering the average television viewer insane?.
             In general, advertisements are boring, get on your nerves or are garishly out of context. And, if by some Godsend a cleverly planned, masterpiece of a commercial DOES come along, it's an unspoken rule that it will be shown far too often and will generally be flogged to oblivion by the executives who just can't let it go out on top and be constantly remembered as that awe-inspiring, influential commercial that influenced me to buy twenty thousand tins of Spam' but instead as That obnoxious, tear inducing reel of film that turned me off Spam forever'.
             A frequently used technique in the world of advertising is putting the slogan of the company to a catchy little jingle. The mentality, it seems, of this technique is to embed the companies name and product into our brains in an effort to subconsciously persuade us to buy the product. However it is generally ineffective, it merely gets a jingle stuck in your head. You sing it over and over again until you continuously beat your head against a wall to stop the insanity. Back where I come from, fatally injuring your customers is generally not considered good business, although this method may be effective when selling helmets.
             Television advertising is not the sort of thing you watch television for. You watch television for insightful, entertaining television programs, not for nerve-straining irritating ads.

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