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            Advertising is apart of the promotional mix. In fact, it's the largest and most important element of the mix. It is the most expensive and most complex part as well. An ad about a company informs the customer on what the product or service is. The main purpose of advertising is to educate and sell. When the customer buys the product or service you are advertising, the company has succeeded. Advertising is essential to a company and without it, everything would be lost.
             Television .
             Out of home media .
             Specialty Advertising .
             Radio .
             Billboards .
             PSA's .
             Print media .
             Internet .
             There are several types of advertisements. Television advertising reaches a mass media audience. Although it reaches a broad amount of people, it is the most expensive type of media. Therefore, it has terrible target marketing. Although, in one book I was studying, it stated that television advertising has great target marketing due to specific channels or time of frequency. This is a true statement and understandable. .
             Radio advertising is very cheap to a company for many reasons. It is hard for a listener to picture in their minds what the product looks like. In fact, some television advertisements are turned into radio advertisements. This is because a viewer has seen the advertisement and knows the punch line and now can hear it on the radio. If that method isnt used, it should be difficult to get the listeners attention. Billboards are another method of advertising. It is a mass media and it could be expensive depending on the size, location, and color. Print media can consist of newspaper, direct mail, magazines, flyers, or anything paper. It is also a mass media and it reaches a huge frequency. The costs of print media will fluctuate depending on color, size, and how many copies are produced. Magazines have excellent shelf life and have great target marketing. Out of home media would be any advertisements you would see out of your house.

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