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             companies in Asia is the failure to fully understand the wants and needs of that culture ("Around the World", Signs of the times, September 2003, pp.78). In the core of the culture of consumption is the idea that in order to satisfy a need or desire we must purchase something. Consumer culture was obviously built by the ads by borrowing ideas, language, history, and experience from the mass culture and artfully recombining them around the theme of consumption. So that, persuasion in today changing world is aimed at promoting or selling symbolic ways to meet people's needs and wants of client's culture.
             Advertising is promoting a culture of consumption, where the consumer and the act of consuming are in the center of a culture. Advertisers claim that they give people so many choices, but in fact we are encouraged doing only one thing? to buy the products. On the other hand, advertising is impersonal, expensive, and not adaptable to individual consumers. It is difficult to measure the effectiveness. How well the ads are performing? And what changes need to be made to improve performance? Ms. Marks, VP-director of business development of Media Planning Group said, "We look at the consumer from many perspectives. Marketing is all about understanding different cultures, and we're about as diverse as you can get" ("Marks adds American touch to MPG's European culture" Advertising Age, July 21 2003, pp. 30). .
             Advertising also creates desires through changing social and attitudes, creating lifestyles to suit those new values and by supporting needs and wants of the culture of consumption. Despite economic development and modernization, differences in consumer behavior in the global marketplace remain culture-bound and are driven more by culture than by income (International Advertising by John Philip Jones, pp. 80). So then, we have to be aware that advertising does persuade and that it is very effective at communicating needs and wands of that culture.

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