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            This article relates to Advertising because it talks about advertising ethics on the web, and how in 1998 many health and medical sites became advertising hubs, with many boasting false statements about there product.
             The author of this enlightened me with this article. I did not know that there was a big problem with false statements and company giving away information after it was said to be "personal information." I do think that the author was very convincing and made her point known. I felt that she was very astonished to find out what the World Wide Web was really being used for. I also feel that the author offered no cure or answer for this problem. She mentions that AMA (American Medical Association) published website guidelines but does not say how she feels about them.
             I felt that this article was strong with the facts that it offered but it lacked in a bias. If the author got more into her work and actually took a side, which she kind of gets at in the end but stays more on the fence throughout the article, it would, in my mind, be a much stronger article. She already has the fact to back up her opinion she just needs to say how she feels. Lastly she needs to offer some sort of solution to the problem. At the end she says that if AMA simply suggests that websites follow there "ethical" guidelines nothing will happen. .
             I agree with her when she is saying that we need to take advertising out of informational material but I do not agree with her because I feel like she is trying to take advertising out of the net. The World Wide Web is where the future is. Soon everyone will be getting all there information on the web. Computers are becoming better and better. Companies will be sending the newspapers and magazines to your computer, and you will be watching TV on the web. It is just a mater of time. Why have a TV and a computer when you can have a computer with a TV. Monitors will be huge just like a plasma screen.

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