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Informative Advertising

            "The advertisement is the most truthful part of a newspaper.
             There has been an ongoing debate about advertising, with one side arguing it pushes us to buy things that aren't useful to us and the other arguing it tells us about new products that might help us and make us happy. Both of these points are fair. Of course the ultimate aim of advertisement is to ensure consumerism and make people money, and therefore advertisers are going to use techniques such as stereotypical images, music and idealised scenes to make this happen. However, in this essay I will argue that overall advertising is a positive force that we need in everyday life because it helps you make better decisions on how to use your money well and it is a medium for spreading information.
             Advertising provides consumers with many different options that can aid them to use their money in the best possible way for them. Particularly since the credit crunch in 2008, organisations have been forced into rivalry to offer consumers the most attractive deal. For example, banks have been using advertisements to draw more clients to offers such as mortgage schemes. Barclays used a hamster family to introduce the new flexible system that enables customers to change how much money they put into their mortgage every month. At the same time, NatWest's selling point was that they would approve 9/10 mortgages to young couples. Finally, Lloyds targeted single young professionals using a montage of humorous images to advertise their mortgage options. Although banks are focused on their own profit, this competition is a positive thing for consumers who have all the beneficial options laid out in front of them. Banks are not the only useful example; supermarkets advertise cheap food deals that help big families who struggle to buy expensive food. .
             Advertising isn't just about mortgages or encouraging you to buy things, it sometimes warns you about health and safety issues as well.

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