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             In the advertising world today, several different tactics are used to sell products. Some are the honest truth, however, some companies use tactics that misrepresent the truth. These advertisements go as far as possible to put a start on their product without lying. In this type of atmosphere, it is necessary to evaluate an advertisement thoroughly before believing the information presented. For example, the fitness world has several fat burning products on the market today. Three of these products are Xenadrine, Hydroxycut, and San Tight. In a recent research project conducted, it was summized that out of three articles reviewed the ad for Xenadrine was far ahead in content, information describing the product, and results seen from the product than either Hydroxycut or San Tight. .
             Xenadrine is a very popular and well advertised product today in the fitness world. You can find these advertisements in basically every fitness magazine on the market. The ads show a great deal of information about Xenadrine, and it clearly stated that you will lose weight. Their tactics are very catchy and one of the ads that stands out the most is where they show before and after pictures of people that have used Xenadrine. The ad tells about the appetite reduction and the increase in energy levels you"ll experience while taking Xenadrine. It even has short interviews telling their thoughts on the product and how much they liked it. The advertisement is targeted towards anyone who wants to lose weight. It is very well done and shows a great deal of important information about its product.
             Another fat burning product on the market that is well advertised is Hydroxycut. Although their ads aren't as catchy and informative as the Xenadrine ad, it is every bit as popular and as just as widely publicized. This advertisement is targeted more towards your serious weightlifter or bodybuilder. It shows pictures of a professional bodybuilder and tells how he gets ripped by using Hydroxycut.

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