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Sex On Television

             In the year of 1929, the world was introduced to an exciting new revelation. A machine that could actually take an image and send it through a single wire to another machine. This was the birth of the television set that we know of today. Even in the beginning of the life of television, certain individuals had dreams of making the television an "entertainment phenomenon". Today, with more than 1 billion television sets spread throughout the world, and an average of 2.84 television sets in each household we rely more on TV than any other communication device (Inventing Television, 1999). We use it for entertainment, communication, education, and recreation with entertainment being the main source for many people. In our society, many individuals believe this common household item is actually detrimental to our society. With its overwhelming depiction of sex, and how sex is portrayed in our society, it is enough to make one think that our world is being transformed into an entertainment reality. Although many individuals realize that television isn't real, and they understand how to comprehend the difference between reality and fiction in our society the studies and facts speak louder that television is more detrimental than beneficial. To understand the effects of television and sex on our society and on our growing generations we can examine what acts are actually shown on television, who watches what, how children and teens respond to television, how soap operas and other reality shows shape our culture's views and morals regarding sex, how politics and government play a role, evaluate a comparison of television today with television of the past, how contraception is .
             Sex on Television 3.
             portrayed on television, and how society in general has responded to television and its depiction of sex.
             There are hundreds of broadcast, cable and satellite television channels sending out scores of hours of programming to viewers across the world.

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