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            Since 1927 when Philo Farnsworth first demonstrated his invention of the television, it has been considered to be an important contemporary communication technology that is available worldwide and influences countless people in many different ways. Given that the television is so readily available, it is capable of persuading impressionable young minds. This data alone amplifies the point that the television has the capacity to impinge the behaviour of people in a number of negative ways. Such harm may include people imitating aggressive acts that they have learned by watching television, deficiency in social skills, and finally poor eating habits but watching television can also be soothing, restful, entertaining and educational.
             People's television programs should contain messages that reach and stimulate their minds, however more times than not, they are saturated with violence and sex. The psychological research that has been done in this field over the last twenty years reveals that people who watch plenty of television may be more likely to behave in aggressive or harmful ways toward others. Watching television is a passive activity that requires little or no physical movement at all. Many experts hold the television responsible for the fact that nearly one quarter of people in North America are overweight. The images projected on the screen, stimulate the impulse to move, however the impulse is often repressed. This lack of movement and exercise leads people to continue to watch television and eat without the much-required physical activity needed in order to maintain a healthy body weight. This is probably why my parents never let me watch too much television. They also were watching for the content of these shows, never letting me watch something that had a lot of violence and sex. And I think they did the right thing.
             Despite the fact that the television has a very bad influence on some people, it is also can be very useful and helpful.

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